AeroCollect A/S and Indical Bioscience provide cutting-edge technology for veterinary diagnostics

Veterinary diagnostics have entered a new age. With one simple air sample you can get a clear picture of the developing diseases in a herd of animals. The company behind the revolutionizing technology, AeroCollect®, today announce a global development, sales and distribution agreement with Indical Bioscience in a joint effort to improve animal health globally.

The AeroCollect® technology has shown enormous potential in recent years – especially within poultry and swine production – and to successfully expand internationally, AeroCollect A/S and Indical Bioscience are now joining forces.

The collaboration will ensure the best conditions for a successful international scaling of AeroCollect’s product program and means that, going forward, Indical Bioscience will handle sales and distribution in the global market.

Unique partners

AeroCollect A/S is a subsidiary of the Danish government-approved Research and Technology Organisation FORCE Technology and therefore has a strong background in technology development.

Indical Bioscience is a leading provider of molecular and immunodiagnostic solutions primarily used by laboratories for veterinary specific applications incl. for the reliable identification of pathogens in poultry and livestock – and therefore an obvious partner for AeroCollect A/S.

“We have high expectations for the collaboration with Indical Bioscience. They have many years of experience and a large international setup in veterinary diagnostics, which makes them the obvious partner for us,” says Julia Skov, CEO of AeroCollect A/S.

Indical Bioscience also see unique opportunities in the collaboration:

“The partnership with AeroCollect will expand our portfolio in the producer and food safety market segments and can be leveraged to develop solutions for other segments. The pioneering technology will facilitate easier, faster and more accurate sampling in vet diagnostics to support our ambition to improve animal health globally”, says Stefano Santarelli, CEO of Indical Bioscience.

AeroCollect® works by pulling a flow of air through a small sample chamber. When collecting samples, high voltage is applied to the test chamber. This creates an electric field across the sample chamber that captures and concentrates bacteria, viruses, and other microscopic particles in the sample chamber. The sample chamber is then sent to the laboratory where the content is analyzed for pathogens using a qPCR analysis. The results are ready within one to two hours.

AeroCollect® is a CE-marked Danish technology developed by FORCE Technology. The technology is currently used in the poultry, swine, and mink industries. In addition, the equipment has been shown to be useful in cattle herds and the human pharmaceutical industry, but the technology is not yet commercially available in these fields. AeroCollect® has over 60 customers in 14 countries.

FORCE Technology is a technology consultancy and service company which strives to create positive technological change and make the world more sustainable and safer. With more than 1,100 employees across 30 offices in 6 countries, we are a market leader when it comes to specialist consultancy, testing, inspection, and courses. As one of the large GTS institutes in Denmark, we are an important part of the backbone of the Danish innovation system.